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Tesla lockouts expose cloud drawbacks

As automakers seek to make their vehicles more connected, a network outage proves there are still some wrinkles to iron out.

Lordstown's challenge: Starting deliveries of Endurance EV pickup in a year

With just 50 engineers, one drivable truck and 40,000 preorders, cash-flush Lordstown Motors will not only need every single thing to go right to launch its EV truck next year, it'll also need some luck.

CarLotz's go-public goal: Streamline sales

CarLotz is the latest online used-vehicle outlet to go public in the past few months, following Vroom and Shift. How will it differentiate itself? "We are consolidating all the middlemen into one middleman."

This Ghost was quiet — a little too quiet

Rolls-Royce did such a good job insulating the interior of the second-generation Ghost from outside noise that drivers who tested it became disoriented by the silence.

Hot dog! Wieners hit road again

Oscar Mayer briefly sidelined its 300-hp frankfurters in the spring, but their tours resumed after the company decided it needed to give Americans a source of amusement now more than ever.